Hello and welcome to my garden! I have a zone 6 garden located in south eastern Connecticut with a little bit of everything. There's a lot of it and it's still growing. Sometimes I think it might be too much and then the gardener in me comes out and says NOPE. My ultimate goal is to be able to eat my way around my yard. In addition I love what my friends affectionately called my jungle. My collection of tropicals brings the outside in and gives the place a tropical feel at times. While some of my garden is your run of the mill some isn't. Come join me on my wild adventure.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My lemon tree

When we bought our house i knew I wanted to get as much as I could in the way of edibles in.  I've always had an knack for doing things people say I can't do.  I also had a goal of eating my way around our yard.  So far the skeleton is in the works for that.  But honestly none of that would be complete without tropicals.  I love my oranges and I love Lemons and Limes.  So back in 2009 I got a lovely set of 4 citrus plants.  I had to wait because I went to order them too late in 2008.  So I got a Lemon, Tangerine, Key Lime and Orange.  Well so far the only one that has done anything (other then leaves) is the lemon.  I did just find out they like to be root bound before they bloom and put out fruit.  I put mine in HUGE pots for the plant size, but I didn't want to replant them for a while.  I'll find out this spring how the others are doing seeing as how they all need a little extra dirt and such. 

Last winter the lemon tree bloomed, but I didn't get an fruit.  So this year every morning I took my fingers and passed around the pollen hoping that this would be the year.  Every flower I found that was open I played with.  And this year it paid off.  I've also been watering it just a little every morning so that it doesn't try out and drop the fruit.  So far so good.  I've managed to get  8 fruits and they've been hanging on for over a month.  New record for me.  Now the trick will be can I keep them on it long enough to actually ripen. 

I'll try to contain my excitement for fear of disappointment. 

Update: So knowing that this has sat for a while it's time to let everyone know that the new and improved can be found over at www.gardeningfoodies.com I've learned a lot over the years and I'm super excited to share that with everyone.  So come check us out and see what we now have in store for you.  A lot of food, a little bit of bon COOK business and a sprinkling of gardening to bring everything together.  Or just check out our growing community over at www.gardeningfoodies.com/fbgroup Can't wait to see you there and catch up.  
It's been over a month and they're still there.  8 in total. 

This is my absolute favorite picture of the blosoms.  It was actually my phone background for a while.

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